Impact Camp 2019 is designed to be a place where students can find the space to experience God in a whole new way. It's 5 days jam-packed with surprises, good friends, awesome music, and memories that last a lifetime.

What we believe:

 We believe that getting away from our usual surroundings to seek God's presence and greater community with each other is key to growing in our faith. Impact Camp has been a place (for close to 20 years) where students from multiple churches meet to dive deeper in their faith and to not settle for staying where we have been. We know that God wants to meet us, and we can't wait for another year together at camp to see all that He does in us.



• $320 includes everything needed for camp. Any remaining balance for camp

will be due at departure.

• Camp t-shirts will be available for purchase up to July 6th online by selecting and paying for them. Cost is $10.

• A snack shack is available every night if students want to bring extra spending money.

We partner with Heartland Conference and Retreat Center who hosts IMPACT camp at their campground in Marengo, Ohio just 35 minutes north of Columbus, Ohio. Heartland offers air-conditioned dorms, a secure and private area, and many amazing amenities.


Heartland Conference Retreat Center.

3201 County Road 225 Marengo, OH 43324



  • Bible

  • Notebook/Journal

  • Flashlight & Batteries

  • Modest clothing (see IMPACT dress code )

  • Modest bathing suit

  • Tennis shoes & Extra shoes

  • Money for snacks

  • Bedding, sleeping bag or sheets & pillow (No bedding provided)

  • Water bottle


  • Soap & Shampoo,

  • Tooth brush & Tooth paste

  • Deodorant

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Sunscreen/bug spray

  • Themed Party outfit- Details to Come! (Prizes for best and creative costumes)

  • Messy clothes/Extra shoes for Mud Run


  • Cell phones

  • Any Electronics

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Lighters/matches/fireworks

  • Anything illegal




Student Dress Code Policy:

Appropriate Clothing
The IMPACT CAMP dress code is designed to demonstrate honor and love to God
and each other. A good guideline - if there is any question about an item of
clothing, then it is probably not okay for Camp. Repeated violations of the
dress code by a student or staff member may result in the offending student or
staff member being sent home.

Males - Modest swim wear. Tshirt must be worn to and from pool. Shoes must be worn at all times on the camp grounds.
Females - Modest swim wear. Cover up must be worn to and from the pool. Shoes must be worn at all times on the camp grounds.

Every day clothing:
Students MUST wear foot wear at all times, including to and from the pool. Shower shoes are recommended for dorm use. Female shorts must be at or below their fingertips, and tops must cover the midriff, lower back and cleavage at all times, including when active, sitting or bending down.
Males must wear shirts at all times and their shorts/pants must cover their
undergarments at all times.

All shorts, pants, shirts, and dresses are to be “size” appropriate with no
objectionable or suggestive slogans, artwork, or revealing styles. IMPACT
CAMP Staff will ask students to change if they deem it to be necessary.

Swim wear:

Females who choose to swim and/or participate in water activities at
IMPACT CAMP may wear either a modest one piece swim suit OR a modest
tankini-style swim suit. All swim wear must cover the midriff, lower back,
and cleavage at all times, including when the student or staff member is
active, sitting, or bending down. A cover-up or shirt and shorts must be
worn to and from the pool.

Males who choose to swim and/or participate in water activities at IMPACT
CAMP may choose to wear modest swim suit OR shorts that tie, button, or
snap at the waist. T-Shirts must be worn to and from the pool.
Students or staff members who do not bring approved swimming attire will
not be allowed to swim.
Active wear during games:

For any IMPACT CAMP games involving water or mud, all students must wear
appropriate dark colored shorts/pants and a dark colored t-shirt.
Students who are not wearing appropriate attire will not be allowed to
participate in the activity.